Who is Advanced Quality Compliance & CVO (AQC)?

Advanced Quality Compliance (AQC) & CVO, we are transforming the way Primary Source Verification (PSV) is completed in the medical industry today. AQC believes strongly providers, managers, and the CVO need to be on the same page when going through the PSV process. Organizations with a strong onboarding process have an easier, more organized contracting process. AQC’s revolutionary software allows for complete transparency in the Primary Source Verification process.

How is AQC Transforming the PSV Process?

  • Onsite trained Credentialing Specialists available 24/7 via phone to answer all manager or provider credentialing questions.
  • All Access Credentialing Portal with personalized login for providers and managers.
  • Ability to produce any excel report you currently use, creating ease in continued reporting.
  • 10 day CVO transitions to ensure a smooth transition of all provider/employee data.
  • Fully accredited to provide HR, Credentialing files, and sanction monitoring all under one roof.

Other Benefits to Our Services

  • All primary source verification in compliance with appropriate accrediting bodies
  • Quick turnaround time – customized for each client
  • Immediate correspondence for problematic files as well as weekly status reports for each file in process
  • Monitoring and notification of expirables monthly, quarterly, etc (for an additional fee)
  • Assistance during internal or external audits
  • Assessments and strategies to speed internal credentialing and contracting processes
  • Assistance with writing your policies & procedures and moving your organization to a higher level of compliance
  • Assistance with your organization’s achieving delegated status with commercial plans

We can help your organization with all your CVO and Compliance need, please call our office today and let us customize a plan that will fit your organization’s needs.

AQC prides itself on a 32 day turnaround time for standard processing with a complete file and 10 days for a rush file. AQC works as a partner to the client. An AQC representative is available 24/7 to assist clients or providers.

Other Areas of Expertise

  • Development of processes, policies and goals to achieve delegated credentialing status with all commercial plans
  • AR Recovery
  • Auditing the organization medical staff office.
  • Auditing the organization revenue cycle.