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Tell Me More About Self-Credentialing

Physicians need their credentials on hand, organized, and up to date for the multitude of entities that request them:

1. Hospital
2. Payer Insurance Companies
3. AOCs
4. Licensing Boards

The use of these is endless, and they must be delivered quickly.

AQC offers a solution to this problem in the industry. AQC offers providers their credentials organized and verified to keep and use as needed. AQC puts all your information in one place complete and fully verified. When you give your file to a hospital, their job is cut in half because everything is in one place.

Basic Package: $250.00

With this package AQC will fully verify education, training and all state licenses.

Intermediate Package: $350.00

This package includes the Basic package,

  • In addition, AQC will include the state of practice application completed with disclosure questions and release.
    * This is the most common package for insurance enrollment.

Advanced Package: $500.00

This package includes the top two services also:

  • Fully verified peers
  • Fully verified claims history and current liability verified
  • Fully verified hospital affiliations
  • CMEs
  • BLS, ACLS, etc collections
  • Government ID
  • Health statement
  • Procedure logs
  • Immunizations

AQC completes a package, depending on the providers needs within 14 days of ordering and this file is the providers to use as they see fit.

AQC’s Monthly Monitoring Program: $50.00/ month

AQC’s monitoring program allows providers to be reminded in advance of expiring credentials; COIs, Licenses, DEAs, Driver Licenses, BLS, ACLS, PALS, etc. AQC gathers the renewed credentialed from online updates in the providers portal. Providers have access to give it to any entity that requests it. This service is auto deducted every month at $50.00 per month.


We have a 99.9 % satisfaction rate with hospitals, payers, and licensing boards that receive our packages.