Areas of Expertise

– Customized Policies & Procedures                                                – Mid-Level Supervision programs
– Development, Audit, Improvement of Medical Staff Offices    – AR Recovery
– Revenue Cycle Audits                                                                      – Contracting

What We Offer

– AR Recovery                                         – Training & Education
– Sanction Monitoring Program         – Credentials Verification Services
– Program Review & Design

A/R Recovery

Our Accounts Receivable Recovery process is what separates AQC from the
competition.  AQC follows up on every claim, to ensure the highest level of
reimbursement possible for your practice/facility.  We will continually
follow up with each payer until payment or processing is resolved or
exhausted. As part of our services, we evaluate your AR’s “current state” to
prevent future AR issues by using root cause analytics to identify and
address problems at the source.  AQC’s AR recovery team can integrate
seamlessly with your systems. We accelerate cash flow by serving as an
extension of your central billing office.  Our staff is dedicated,
knowledgeable and responsive who have experience with your payers. Our
collaborative partnership results in faster, more efficient resolution of
all claims regardless of size or age.